Lightening Cross

Electrifying Cross

Both of these acrylic painted wood crosses are about 9 1/2″ tall by 6″ wide. Both of their flip sides are painted purple. I painted them at the Rochester MakerSpace on August 29, 2020. It was a day that I needed to be out-of-my-space and meditate in a creative way. I had some great interactions with people at RMS (of course being socially distant).

Naming the crosses was also a creative-meditative process. I engaged other people to help me as well.

Lightening Cross or Lighten-ing Cross, instead of Lightning Cross. I didn’t want to invoke Zeus, I wanted to inspire:


“Christ is the Light of the world.”

Although Lightning Bugs do light up the night…

Even the Electrifying Cross produces ponderance.

I find both crosses to be meditative tools. Pondering their names and the depth of meaning behind them, or even if they should be called something else, and why. Also, pondering how they were painted, how the colors merge or are drawn out of each other. How we interact with each other, how we may merge or draw out of each other creative life and light force…

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Grace Glides

When grace glides a glancing glow

Surely shy smiles surrender shamelessly

Mountainous memories merge mortifying moans with mirthy mortgages momentously

Commencing curious chortles upon crafty courses

Weaving wonderment’s wealth while wandering windy walkways



This photo was taken on the way home from Philly from my Thanksgiving break. The poem was written over the course of many days at all different times of day. It started with the first two lines rather quickly. But then I stalled a bit. I asked several friends for help during different stages of the poem. One was befuddled and backed away. One was entertained but also shied away. One was intrigued and gave me a question to pursue. She then quickly came back with some amazing alliterations. I did borrow “wonder” from her. One helped me decide to halt further attempts of continuing it beyond where it sits today.
I truly hope that you enjoy this poetical trip. I hope that you see the truly deeper meaning in this alliterative conveyance of Grace Gliding into your heart…

A window to thee…

Through the thicket of winter trees

I find a window to thee

through obscuring branches

the waves of grace glide

across the beach

and into my heart

12-24-2020 / 12-26-2020

This poem was written on my phone, on the photo, at Durand Eastman Beach on Christmas Eve, afternoon. This “vacation” stroll, photography shoot and poetry session was similar to my March 21st session. It was 30*, windy, but this time is was grey with just a peak of sun eeking through.

There are many layers for interpretation on to what exactly I was conveying in this poem. I hope the time of reflection helps you as well.

“A Piece of Peace” at RoCo

“A Piece of Peace” will be featured at the 30th Annual Membership Show at the Rochester Contemporary Arts Center (RoCo) starting Friday, December 4, 2020. I’ll be speaking about it at “The Day the Artist Spoke” at 12:20pm on Saturday, December 12th. (Each speaker only speaks up to 10 minutes.)

Larger post on this painting, eight posts down from here.

Price at RoCo: $400

Trail poetry

Lincoln Park, near Plank Rd in Penfield, NY, where it rained when not forecasted to…

Bristol Mountain ski resort and adventure course, summer walk…

Both sets of photos I took this summer. The top poem I wrote while hiking in Lincoln Park. I typed it directly into the photo. After sending it to a college friend, Eddie Wright, he responded with the bottom poem, which I then added to the photo.

I’ve entered “Shall We Travel” (RoCo $75?) in RoCo’s “Last Year on Earth” judged show along with a poster of a collage of trail photo poetry 28″ x 22″ (RoCo $80) and “A Piece of Peace” (RoCo $400).

“Stump World”

“Stump World”

For if my world consists of only this

What says the greater universe to me

For thy world is unfathomable to me

I cannot see the beautiful oceans that you speak of, or volcanoes that erupt and smother whole towns

I know only of this in front of me…


And what of this “Faith” you speak of

I know the rain and wind and food before me

I know the night will come, the sun, the moon, and snow perhaps too

What more is there to be invested in…



Karin R Staples © 2020

Dr. Seuss in the Bahamas

Dr. Seuss in the Bahamas is an experimental acrylic painting. My most awesome Junger friend Kathleen gave me a two pack of 6″ x 8″ canvases in which to experiment, to “not be safe”. She wanted me to be able to have fun with new techniques, new brushes, etc without “wasting” a larger sized canvas. As soon as I opened the pack I immediately came up with the title and color scheme. (She likes Dr. Seuss, well, so do I.)

I mixed with each color Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium. It gives the final product a “wet look” along with its other helpful blending medium properties. Below shows the breakdown of each section, their brush and paint color. As I typically do, the painting does wrap around to all edges. That way when you are approaching the painting from any side, there is already something interesting to drawn your attention. Also, there is no need to buy a frame.


Cadmium Yellow Light Hue and Titanium White acrylic paint, with Filbert Grainer brush


Dioxazine Purple acrylic paint, Filbert Comb brush


Cadmium Red Deep Hue, Cadmium Red Light Hue, Titanium White acrylic paint and Ridge brush

“Single Interpretation”

The above two are interpretive landscapes.

The below set are “Cross-Hatched”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


At this year’s Family Life Radio’s Christian Singles Conference Weekend I was graced with permission to come early and stay late to paint.  I brought a bag of wooden crosses.  A couple had already been painted during Rochester MakerSpace’s Sunday Crafternoon events held, at that time, every Second Sunday from 12-2pm.  The rest I spent time experimenting with at the retreat.  The “cross-hatched” ones were created using a palate knife.  All were painted with acrylics.  I started off spraying them with water to prepare the wood.  Then the acrylics in layers.  After they had dried a few days at home I spayed them with a gloss sealant.  The top set are 6 3/4″ x 9 1/4″.  The bottom set are 4 1/2″ x 8″.  I believe that each one tells a different story.  That each one seems to illicit a slightly different reaction when the details are seen up close.

I hope that you enjoy them!

hobby artist spreading her wings…