In the Mood of the Storm

in the mood of the storm

In the Mood of the Storm


In the Storm of the Mood


Is it lifting or

Is it descending?


This 11”x14” acrylic painting was created during two Barnes & Noble mini-maker faires and a Sunday Crafternoon at the Rochester Makerspace.   Although this is wired based on the photo it is inspired from, I encourage the buyer to hang it in a different direction when they need a different outlook in life or that day.  In person the seven circuit meditative labyrinth can be seen well enough to traverse it.


The painting was donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester’s ArtRageous Affair 2018.  I enjoy their free gentle yoga classes on Mondays with “Sue-zen”.  So this is a way for me to “pay” for the classes.  The program and my blouse match – cool!  We noticed at the reception…


“WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”

WW Stories or God's Truth or Not Only at Dunkirk 06 03 2018

“WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”

I’m not sure what to title this piece.  Right now it has three titles:  “WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”.  Each is purposefully chosen for totally different reasons.

This acylic 11”x14” painting was created at the Women’s Weekend at Camp Dunkirk on Lake Erie on Sunday, June 1, 2, 3, 2018.  The trees are actual representatives from the view from Mother’s Memorial meeting building, although, they are in different order.  I have no idea what type the two pine trees are, the large tree is an oak and the others are “weed trees”.  I had fun help with color choices etc – thank you ladies!  The sky and/or water is Dioxine Purple.  Yes, the bark of the trees are Dioxine Purple and Phthalocyanine Blue with much more detail than the camera picks up.  The needles and leaves are Turquoise Green with Cadmium Red Light Hue highlights.  The painting does wrap around to all sides. 

I decided to not “bring the labyrinth forward” this time.  Up close it gives it a far different feel and I didn’t want to disrupt that energy. 

Perhaps the act of getting through the forest prepares you for the peace of the meditative labyrinth where Christ will walk with you… 

Or perhaps it’s the love of Christ that brings you through the forest to his peace (represented by the labyrinth)…

“Almost Paradise”

06162018 Almost Paradise

“Almost Paradise”

on a hot summer night lingering on an old row boat…

a beckoning island calls out to you… 

do you answer it’s call…


This year’s Wall Art For A Purpose was June 13, 2018.  It is a community project during National Week of Making where people drop-off Recycled or New or Create Paintings / Pictures / Wall-hangings.  We then donate all of the collected / created pieces to the residents at our local YWCA.  The painting here was painted by me during the creation portion of the event and will be part of the 20+ pieces donated this year.




… A labyrinth containing a puzzle… or puzzle pieces containing a labyrinth…

(If it had been a maze containing a puzzle, that would have been redundant.) 


Walking with Christ through the puzzle of life will lead you to the inner peace of the labyrinth.

Labyrinth = ?

As you go through the labyrinth/the puzzle/your life’s story, you revisit aspects along the way to achieving that inner peace, the eye of God within you.


More about the piece:

Every color placement, every piece placement, where a line was crossed, how the paint was applied either with a texture or completely flat, was all very deliberate.  The why, well, that is for you to decide.  🙂 

This was created at the Women’s Weekend at Camp Dunkirk on Lake Erie on Sunday, June 3, 2018.  This was the first retreat weekend in a bazillion years that it did not rain!  Friends were reunited, bible study, singing, worship, crafts, hikes, yummy food, meditative walk, new friends made, shopping, a wee bit of sleep, bonfires, s’mores, new insights, frivolity and more…

The paint was applied directly onto the canvas(no palate used).  The color, therefore the piece, order:  Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Emerald Green, Dioxine Purple, Medium Magenta, Turquoise Green, Cadmium Orange Hue, Cadmium Red Light Hue, Phthalocyanine Blue.  Nothing was mapped out ahead.  It just appeared on the canvas as it wanted to right at that moment…

“The View of Team Us”

The View of Team Us

“The View of Team Us” by Shirley, Joan, Laura?, and Sara Foolery.  We had a blast on the Caribbean Princess cruise during the team water color competition.  It was entertaining, healing, fun, silly, cathartic, inspirational, educational and a way to have total strangers become best buddies.  All four of us contributed to this competitive painting experiment.  I also found out how useful cerulean blue is to adding accents to an ocean with dolphins bounding through.  There is oh so much more to this story.  Perhaps someday I will expound more.  “Go Team Us”!

Shirley Joan Laura Sara Foolery

(Apologies to not remembering Tom Foolery’s sister’s name.  Please confirm if you know it is Laura or not, thank you!)

Energize Life… Energize Living…

Energize Life …

Energize Life

Energize Living…

Energize Living

Hmmmm…    Why are these titled “Energize Life …”  “Energize Living…”    ?

Is it a request?  Is is a preponderance?  Is is a cry for help?  Is it an encouragement?  Is it a tool?  Is it a statement? 

Of what?

Is it a way to make a joyful noise unto the Lord?

(Both of these 6″x 6″ acylic paintings on canvas board were donated to Roco for their 6×6 fundraiser.  They were made at the CWO Gallery’s 6×6 party.  It’s cool how one non-profit helps another non-profit out!  I used a variety of their acrylic brands and levels of quality paints.  I also used older brushes.) <Both Sold!>

This is the photo that inspired the two paintings:

pic for live like

hobby artist spreading her wings…