Rachis through the Stratosphere

“Rachis through the Stratosphere” or just “Rachis Stratosphere” is only 6″ x 8″. It’s an experimental acrylic piece with an actual feather that Rhonda at church gave me. I was waiting for a layer to dry on a 20″x 24″ piece and thought I would have some fun making this one. I showed it to a nice chap, Jonathan, at the Rochester MakerSpace. He helped me title it. The feather is adhered by a slow-dry gloss medium that had leaked out of its bottle and inside a ziplock bag… I poured it out over the feather and the excess was brushed across the canvas. Before I put the feather on I had used a heat gun to dry the paint… That caused a chemical reaction and you can see the bubbling in the center-ish portion of the canvas. That was a “happy accident”.

now very wet from the “glue”, this angle is showing the bubbling from the heat gun, earlier

Peace Feathers Installation

“Floating Within the Spirit”

The multicolored acrylic 11″x 14″ painting “Floating Within the Spirit” is the fourth in this series of feather paintings.

… They were initially inspired by the need to express myself artistically after the loss of a dear friend, Paul Kurzdorfer… He was a HUGE supporter of my art and creative expressions. He came to every art event to which I participated. He even commissioned a piece from me. (type in “Canandaigua Lake” in the search bar)

The Sunday after I heard the news of Paul’s passing I went to the Rochester MakerSpace… I brought all my art supplies and extra canvases. Knowing that my new Pastor, Jen, was to be officially installed in a few weeks… I was hopeful that maybe I could have some of my art included in the service … Her theme was to be doves and or feathers… I just started to paint… first the four different backgrounds… and then eventually the feathers. I approached each canvas differently… how I applied the paint, the water, using a palate knife … I just let creativity, and the spirits, influence every part of the process… I sent texts to my creativity friends and asked for their inputs on titling each one… it was a fun collaboration of life expressions.

All four paintings were used as “decorations” in the sanctuary. “Floating Within the Spirit” was used for the bulletin, emails, and advertising of Jen’s Installation. I was very honored at that and the fact that the Church bought the painting to give to Jen as a gift at her event! Yippee!!!

The “why” of the colors included in “Floating Within the Spirit”:

Blue :  life giving water, air, breath of heaven

Purple:  royalty, people thinking their royalty

Green: Mother earth uniting and blending us all

Feather: white, dove. You might ask why there are other colors other than pure white on the feather…. That represents the amalgamation of personalities of our congregation…

“Floating Peacefully”

“Floating Peacefully”, the first in the series, at first the paint application didn’t go as planned, at all, and then I embraced the moment and enjoyed the process…

“Peaceful Mystery Flotation”

FYI: If “Floating Peacefully”(blue) or “Peaceful Mystery Flotation”(green) are sold, then I will donate “Bending to the Possibilities”(purple) to a church member who is enamored by the piece, but is not financially sound enough to splurge on buying a painting. (All 4 paintings are 11″ x 14” acrylic, ready to hang.)

“Bending to the Possibilities”

“Bending to the Possibilities” is the third in this series. I like to contemplate its title…. Are we bending, or is it bending, or is the situation bending, or … …. to the possibilities…

Connie… in transition…

I titled this “Connie” or “…in transition” I created this 6″x 6″ acrylic on canvas board after church a few weeks ago for a church friend, Connie… She was in the hospital… I got it to the Pastor, who delivered it that Tuesday… I had titled it, without telling anyone- and without knowing her condition- “…in transition” … She went home to be with God a week and a half later…

Standing Together at Dawn’s Delight

“Standing Together at Dawn’s Delight”

Hmmmmm, where God leads you, especially when you are paying attention… can be silly, poignant, healing, and gratifying… This painting illustrates it well…

How? …… Well…… I was asked to host the painting section of an activities party afternoon with my sorority sisters and friends… I thought I would just bring craft acrylic paint and 6″x 6″ canvas board supplies… Well, next thing I know I am leading a “how to” session… um, oye, Fun! Much silliness ensued… and this painting was created… I thought I would keep it as an example to later use… Then it made it’s way to my work desk and kept me company for a few months. Then it traveled to my new cubicle at work….

Then one afternoon I had a loud urged request to give it to the gracious receptionist at my chiropractor’s office at my appointment that afternoon… What? … Yuppers! I wrapped it and put a sticky note on it “just because you’re you”. I dropped it on the desk on the way by to my appointment room. I said nothing, just kept going. When I was chatting with the Dr, I let her know I did that, and hoped that it was ok… she replied… “how did you know she was moving, and put in her notice?”… When I spoke with the receptionist later, she was tickled!

Happiness! … Isn’t God grand?

Van-Gogh-esk or “Have you forgotten Easter?”

This is the third in my series of Van Gogh Immersive Experience inspired paintings… I truly feel that “I nailed it!” You can see below details of the different layers. I was sooooo happy with the finished painting that I entered it into the annual CWO Gallery’s show.

While painting this, I sent progression text pictures to my niece Jaclyn. We had long deep detailed texts shared that afternoon. It was lovely. One set she sent after I showed her the background: “Oooh!!! I can’t wait to see where this goes! Is this fire? Is it anger? Is it fear? Is it anxiety? Is it fall colors and leaves? Is it a sunset? Is it a sunrise? There are so many places this can go and so many things this can do and be and so many potential outcomes and interpretations. ”

Later I pondered… If that is a forest fire, then how can there be green living leaves around the burnt tree branches? … Have you forgotten Easter?

Thank you to my niece, Jaclyn, for all of her sharing….

In the midst of chaos, death, destruction, there is also life thriving.


“Influences Perfecting”

Two days later, it’s a holiday, and I’m spending it at the Rochester MakerSpace… … I’m still oozing with creativity from seeing the Van Gogh Immersive Experience… I spent another 7 hours painting another 18″ x 20″ canvas… I grabbed that triangle pallet knife again and tried to channel my inner Van Gogh… while painting with a Karin flavor. I tried to really gob on the acrylic paint and flow and move and feel the scene.

When I was chatting with someone at the space, I asked about titles and we got into a really deep conversation. I wish I had transcribed it when I got home… One idea I started with was “Creation after…” After that great chat, we landed on titling it: “Influences Perfecting” When my neighbor, Kathleen, saw the title, she asked “Which is the noun and which is the verb?”… Precisely!

You can see below the initial background. I did use a heat gun to dry it so that I could add the trees. Below you can see the tools and colors that I used.

Ok, I gotta add… I love these clouds!

Van Gogh meets Karin, with a Twist

It was February, right after seeing the Van Gogh Immersive Experience… I had to express what was oozing out… The show was sooooo powerful… I went over to the Rochester MakerSpace and spent the next 7 hours painting the 18″ x 20″ canvas… I grabbed that triangle pallet knife and tried to channel my inner Van Gogh… while painting with Karin flavor. I tried to really gob on the acrylic paint and flow and move and feel the scene. You can see below the initial background. I did use a heat gun to dry it so that I could add the trees. Below you can see the tools and colors that I used. I had some great conversations with the fellow makers that were at the space. It’s a great community.

The Artist Cave, gallery, now showing at


I’m soooooooooo very excited to have 5 pieces showing at The Artist Cave in Seabreeze !!!! This is a vibrant, fun place to visit. All art is for sale. The ones showing are:

Respite Cove $60

Anchoring for the Evening $60

Shall We Travel $90

Freeing Form or Freeing From $100

A Piece of Peace $480

The owners of the gallery are wonderful and personable.

(Each piece has been featured in this blog.)

“Born or Created”

“Born or Created” 14″ x 11″ acrylic painting was painted with an angled pallet knife, heat gun and fan brushes at the Rochester MakerSpace 2/12/22.

Are we born or created…

Are we automatically born a certain way and thus develop that way…

Or are we created by our surroundings, circumstances, life happenings, environment and develop based upon that…

Are these trees bent or bending…

Are they existing or thriving…

Do you see a sunrise or sunset…

Is that nourishing water or water extinguishing a fire…

Is it a peaceful river passing by unawares or is it a flood with impending doom….

Are those trees what stand between us, separating us…

Or do they shade and protect us, and thus bringing us together…

hobby artist spreading her wings…