Comparing Mediums

2nd painting
1st painting

“Seabreeze Sun Silhouette” title suggestion by Gretchen Whitman at STEAM Fest Rochester Maker Faire Fri 11/16/18. This 11″ x 14″ canvas board was created with an acrylic water wash during this first STEAM fest. It took about 4 hours to paint. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the students answering questions, talking about “why labyrinths”, how they are a great meditative tool and getting their input on how to proceed during the creation of the painting. Also chatting about the purposefully asymmetrical grasses. It was also fun explaining how it’s okay to have the painting not go exactly as planned and how to morph it accordingly. During the second day, at the regular Rochester Maker Faire, I created a “duplicate” painting this time using a gloss medium. The differences in the medium choices are most notable in the sky. Also, the gloss, when seen in person, makes the painting look like it is still wet. When applying the paint there are more “dripping” hazards when using a water wash. The hazards with the gloss medium is if you work it too much it will “lift” the paint off the canvas with no immediate way to resolve it unless you just gob paint onto the spot thus destroying what you implied to do either way. It was fun comparing the painting techniques in process. Now titling the second painting was interesting… Here is what was suggested:
sunset in the marshes
Is it spring yet?
Blast off
Nova Scotia sunset
<country flag> in the reeds
Bergen Swamp
Mt. Everest after sufficient global warming
Struggles with gloss medium
Weedy duck pond
Lake Erie jet stream (W to E)
Sunrise kayaking below Irondequoit Bay

Side by side before adding back the labyrinths.


Love is Power by a Child of God

Love is Power

Love is Power by a Child of Christ

During a fabulous sermon by Pastor Wendy at the Immanuel Baptist Church I used cheap markers to draw on this canvas.  The colors have since faded.  I then put a couple of layers of clear acrylic gloss spray to help protect it.  The tenor of the worship service directly effected how I drew this piece.  Worship art is a whole different category to cover...

The title and signature were quotes from the sermon.

Combining them together, well, it creates a whole new perspective…

Karin @ Roco

Come see Karin’s “Navigating the Diagnosis” at the Roco’s (Rochester Contemporary Arts Center) 28th Members Exhibition Dec 7, 2018 – Jan 13, 2019.  Come listen to Karin speak at “The Day the Artists Spoke” Jan 4 from 6:40pm-6:50pm.  (For more info about the piece right now, it is the first piece I blogged about here.) 

For more info about Roco:

Notre Dame Canandaigua

the love of God pouring through your neighborhood

“The Love of God Pouring Through Your Neighborhood”

is what I titled this 11”x14” acrylic painting that was completed at the Notre Dame Retreat House in Canandaigua, NY October 12-14, 2018.

This is what I consider a “story painting.”  It could be used as a conversation tool for a workshop or retreat or a therapy session.

One aspect to ponder could be the dark clouds.  Are they retreating out of fear of God?  Or are they going toward the love and light of God knowing that they could be healed and dissipate and intermingle with the love of the rest of creation.

Another aspect is the water.  Are those waves reflecting the Light, illuminating the life giving water?  Or is the water being pulled in, the waves thus being created by the creator, by her energy beaconing forward?

How about the hillsides surrounding the Lake?  Are the dollops of white evidence of where the light and love of God has already manifested?  Or is it where people are being shown to go to receive a dose of the Love?  Or is it highlighting where the greatest need is, helping to direct where we should go first to enlighten and help those there?

Looking at the tree of Notre Dame in the foreground (you can find it outside of conference room #9), is it showing you that you need to climb the branches to navigate your way to God, proving that you are willing to make the effort?  Or is it showing you how God is intricately involved in every branch of your life?

While painting the white pure light, was it just to highlight the fall leaves or was it to reveal the presence of our savior and the Love of God pouring through your neighborhood?

Another thought, when the tree was added in the extreme foreground, was it to show you how close that Love is, always?

What are your thoughts?  What do you see?  What do you feel as you ponder this?

In the Mood of the Storm

in the mood of the storm

In the Mood of the Storm


In the Storm of the Mood


Is it lifting or

Is it descending?


This 11”x14” acrylic painting was created during two Barnes & Noble mini-maker faires and a Sunday Crafternoon at the Rochester Makerspace.   Although this is wired based on the photo it is inspired from, I encourage the buyer to hang it in a different direction when they need a different outlook in life or that day.  In person the seven circuit meditative labyrinth can be seen well enough to traverse it.


The painting was donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester’s ArtRageous Affair 2018.  I enjoy their free gentle yoga classes on Mondays with “Sue-zen”.  So this is a way for me to “pay” for the classes.  The program and my blouse match – cool!  We noticed at the reception…

“WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”

WW Stories or God's Truth or Not Only at Dunkirk 06 03 2018

“WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”

I’m not sure what to title this piece.  Right now it has three titles:  “WW Stories” or “God’s Truth” or “Not Only at Dunkirk”.  Each is purposefully chosen for totally different reasons.

This acylic 11”x14” painting was created at the Women’s Weekend at Camp Dunkirk on Lake Erie on Sunday, June 1, 2, 3, 2018.  The trees are actual representatives from the view from Mother’s Memorial meeting building, although, they are in different order.  I have no idea what type the two pine trees are, the large tree is an oak and the others are “weed trees”.  I had fun help with color choices etc – thank you ladies!  The sky and/or water is Dioxine Purple.  Yes, the bark of the trees are Dioxine Purple and Phthalocyanine Blue with much more detail than the camera picks up.  The needles and leaves are Turquoise Green with Cadmium Red Light Hue highlights.  The painting does wrap around to all sides. 

I decided to not “bring the labyrinth forward” this time.  Up close it gives it a far different feel and I didn’t want to disrupt that energy. 

Perhaps the act of getting through the forest prepares you for the peace of the meditative labyrinth where Christ will walk with you… 

Or perhaps it’s the love of Christ that brings you through the forest to his peace (represented by the labyrinth)…

hobby artist spreading her wings…